We Tested Pills……and They Don’t Work

pillsWhat i am about to say may or may not shock you, but the fact is that if you want to enlarge your penis then do not waste your money on penis enlargement pills.

Penis enlargement pills simply do not work!

I know this as fact because i have bought and tried all the popular brands that are available today. (Jan 2013)

However all is not lost, there is a way to achieve penis enlargement that is medically proven and endorsed by newspapers and the medical establishment.

Proven Penis Enlargement Method 1 – Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery

Surgery is a common method to enlarge the penis and has been proven to work.

Penis enlargement surgery is commonly known to the medical world as “Enhancement Phalloplasty” or “Penile Augmentation” to lengthen the penis and “girth enhancement” to increase the width of your penis.

Penile Augmentation (length enhancement surgery) relies on the fact that around 30-50% of the male penis is actually inside the male body. So penis lengthening surgery involves cutting penis ligaments and then surgically repairing this damage. This results in a longer straighter hanging penis. According to Wikipedia this surgery does not really produce very satisfied customers, in fact “the dissatisfaction rate of one study was in excess of 70 percent”.

Girth enhancement surgery can results in gains in the region of 20%. This is usually achieved by injecting silicone and other materials directly into the penis. A new technique that involves using bio-degradable tissue cultures to create a scaffold building block for penile tissue to grow, this is known as “autologous tissue engineering”. Other new surgical methods include adding soft implants.

Surgery costs from $5000 to $500000 depending on what you need doing and where you live. Surgery has been proven and does definitely enlarge your penis.

Proven Penis Enlargement Method 2 – Stretching

stretchingIncreasing the length and girth of your penis is achievable through stretching, now before you run a mile at the thought of hanging weights from your penis, read this article.

What the article from one of the leading papers in the U.K. says is that penis enlargement is possible through penile traction devices and penis pumps.

I looked into this further and went ahead and bought a jes stretcher, what i can say is that they do actually work, i and many thousands of people are extending their packages through penis extenders.

Is Stretching really the only way other than Surgery?

Unfortunately yes, i like most other people want a quick fix solution to extending my penis, so the pill option is the one i tried first, they sound great but they suck.

Stretching is actually not that bad………Penile traction devices work by gradually stretching your penis over time, it doesn’t hurt and they actually say in their instruction video that if it hurts you are doing it wrong.

Basically you strap on a traction device and tweak the adjustment screws a little bit (this applies so called traction (stretching) which lengthens your penis over time.

Its a bit of hard work, but it does work and it does not cost $5000 like surgery.

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