Can botox be used for penis enlargement?

Question by Amanda: Can botox be used for penis enlargement?

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Answer by metalguy

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5 Responses to Can botox be used for penis enlargement?

  1. lill'mikey says:

    haha. no.

  2. Giovanna says:

    It won’t work. Try losing 10 pounds. That might work.

  3. TheRealAcid9 says:

    Botox is basically a benign form a bacteria called botulism. Its actually a very very dangerous bacteria that can kill you within hours if it gets into your body. As far as penis enlargement goes? Given the sensitivity of the penis if you put botox into it yeah it might get bigger – when flaccid. But it won’t make an erection larger. In fact you’d probably end up a floppy jelopy… for a lack of a better term.

  4. ?|The Male Perspective|? says:

    no… the thought alone makes me cringe, u do know it is made with botulism… and that it relaxes muscles.. not think about unwanted ‘relaxation’ in ur penis… not a good mix, and furthermore it is a bacteria…u may really regret putting something like that in ur penis

  5. Chrisceo T says:


    You should be happy with what you have.

    However if you really feel the need to increase your penis size,then you should try out these :

    Here are four good natural penis enhancement techniques I recommend for rookies. Done properly and consistently, they should add close to an inch or two to your penis in six weeks.

    1. Penis stretches. This one is very simple. Just take your flaccid penis and stretch it as far out in front of your body as it will go. Do it gently and gradually and hold it there for thirty seconds. Rest ten seconds between sets and repeat this at least ten times.

    2. Jelqing. This is another great technique for rookies. Get your penis halfway erect, apply lubrication, and grip it tightly at the base with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Slowly slide that hand up the shaft toward the tip, pushing as much blood into your penis as possible. When you reach the tip, immediately grip the base the same way using the other hand and repeat. Do this nonstop for ten minutes.

    3. Ulis. This is a great exercise to increase girth. It is also very easy and does not take much time. Achieve a full erection and grip the base of your penis the same way you would if you were jelqing. Squeeze as hard as you can without causing discomfort. Your penis shaft should swell and your penis head should get big and shiny. Hold for ten seconds and rest for ten seconds. Repeat this three or four times.

    Do this routine every other day and make sure you warm your penis up before each workout by wrapping it in a hot washcloth for five minutes.

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    Always remember, if you are not satisfied with what you were born with, it is never too late to do something about it!

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